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3 Tips for Using Color in Your Packaging Design

When it comes to designing packaging for a product, the colors you use are extremely important. As you work to design your packaging, you need to carefully consider the impact of all the colors you use on your packaging.

Tip #1: Color Helps Attraction Attention

If you want your packaging to grab people's attention, you need to use the right colors. Particular colors are actually designed to attract people's attention. If you really want to grab someone's attention, you should use green, red, yellow, or pink. Those four colors have been shown to be the most attention-grabbing.

However, that doesn't mean you should use one or all those colors. You also need to consider what color packaging your competitors use. If your competitors all use red packaging, and you choose to use red packaging as well, your packaging will not stand out. It makes more sense to use green or yellow, which would stand out from the competition.

Standing out is about choosing colors that attract attention and choosing colors that your competitors are not overusing.

Tip #2: Colors Convey Emotion

Second, you need to consider the emotional impact of the color of your packaging. Although it is true that red is an attention-attracting color, it is also a color that is associated with both love and anger.

You need to consider the emotional association a color carries before putting it on your packaging. Many people purchase items based on how the colors make them feel.

Color is a driving factor behind people's motivation to purchase various products, so you need to consider what type of emotional response you want your products to produce in people, and make sure that emotional response lines up with the intent of your product.

Tip #3: Color Should Connect to Your Brand

When you choose the color to use on your packaging, you need to choose colors that connect to your brand. If you have an established brand, the colors you use on your packaging should coordinate with the colors you use for your brand. This will help further increase identification with your brand.

When choosing the colors to use on your packaging, choose colors that will attract people's attention, and create the right type of emotional response. Make sure the colors you choose for your packaging also align with your brand. The colors you choose are important, so take your time deciding what colors to use on your new packaging design.